Last Gasp (2023)

01. Last Gasp

Guitars: Caio Kehyayan
Vocals: Joao Fortinho
Bass: Peter Albert de Reyna
Drums: Chris Dovas
Orchestrated by Caio Kehyayan
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Kosto
Produced by Caio Kehyayan
Co-production by Fabiano Rodrigues
Artwork by Junki Sakuraba
Lyric Video by Gabby Vessoni
Concept and world building by Caio Kehyayan

This song is a complete immersion in the first great war between the Eons and Vishap, with a sound unlike anything FireWing has ever set out to do.

The FireWing concept is based on the History and Mythology of Armenia and Greece, within a universe in which all other mythologies and distinct cultures are also included. In 1915, the Armenian people experienced a great genocide known as the “Armenian Massacre”, which left more than 1.5 million dead.

The being who personifies the determination of the Armenian people after this massacre is Vahagn – King of the great Armenia of the Orontida Dynasty (5th century AD). Vahagn is one of the sons of Tigranes Orontida and succeeded his father in the fight against dragons (Vishap), being known as Vishapakagn – “the Dragon Slayer”. Vahagn rid Armenia of monsters and was deified because of his valor, and FireWing extols these values throughout their song development.

“Last Gasp” deals with the spiritual and mental journey of its protagonists Vahagn and his father, Tigranes, the Elder.

Caio Kehyayan comments on the release: “My intention with this song is to send a strong message to the entire Armenian Diaspora. Since the genocide thousands of Armenians have fled to different corners of the world, and today there are more Armenians outside of Armenia than in the country itself, which is located in the Caucasus region”.

The band’s new vocalist, Jota Fortinho, added: “When Caio sent me the song, the first thing that came to mind was a ride on a roller coaster, one of those giant ones, lol. I could say many things about this topic, because, in addition to being very technical, it is quite profound. I can sum it up this way: Last Gasp is an extreme rollercoaster ride. I’m really proud of what we did on this song.”

“Last Gasp” has production, lyrics and orchestrations by Caio Kehyayan, co-production by Fabiano Rodrigues, with mixing and mastering by Jack Kosto, arts by Junki Sakuraba and video production by Gabby Vessoni. The concept of world creation is by Caio Kehyayan.

Time Machine (2023)

01. Time Machine

Production by Caio Kehyayan
Mix & Master by Jack Kosto
Artwork by Junki Sakuraba
Video Production by Jota Fortinho
Lyrics by Caio Kehyayan
Concept and World-building by Caio Kehyayan

“Time Machine” – A New Journey Begins

The re-release of the acclaimed song Time Machine, features illustrious voice arrangements, performed by Jota Fortinho, FireWing’s newest vocalist.

Time Machine brings new sounds, which makes the listener have an incredible experience and an immersion in the concept of the song, through its lyrics. The feeling of losing a beloved one, reported in the song, is visceral.

“Singing a song that was originally sung by another singer is always a challenge. Because at the same time that you have to find the balance to respect the original theme, you have to find your space and put a little bit of yourself into it. This song, like so many others by FireWing, has a very strong emotional charge, so my challenge here was to create something that would emphasize the most diverse feelings and dynamics of this incredible composition.”– Says Jota

The lyrics deal with the awakening of Vahagn, receptacle of Ember’s ancestral powers, who, moved by the anguish of losing the love of his life in a dark ritual performed by Vishap, seeks to transmute his soul through meditation to access the portal of the past, aiming to rediscover and rebuild your former reality. For this, Vahagn needs to prove that his soul is worthy of binding himself to Ember for such an act. However, even though they manage to find their beloved in the spiritual plane, the two realize that there will be no chance of reversing reality, and so they need to follow a greater purpose, and their bond of eternal love is all that remains. In the end, Vahagn needs to be brave like his father Tigranes and continue his destiny as an eternal warrior.

“Time Machine is a watershed composition in my career as a songwriter and record producer! The production of this song opened up a new range of possibilities on how to explore the Conceptual Universe that is FireWing. The near future will bring even greater immersion. In the next chapters, the adventures of our protagonist Vahagn will be immortalized in the upcoming musical productions!” – Says Caio Kehyayan

Resurrection (2021)

01. Prelude: Moonlight Of Despair
02. Obscure Minds
03. Chapter I: Acheron’s Ritual
04. Demons Of Society
05. Far in Time
06. Chapter II: Temple Of Helios
07. Resurrection
08. Time Machine
09. Chapter III: Transcending Souls
10. Eternity
11. Tales Of Ember & Vishap:
How Deep Is Your Heart?
12. Tales Of Ember & Vishap:
The Meaning Of Life
13. The Essence Of Your Heart
14. Epilogue: Sacred Journey

The lyrics for each of the 14 Resurrection tracks, combined, they tell a complex story. Guitarist Caio Kehyayan explains how the duality issue of light vs. dark is discussed: “This begins when Vishap performs a dark ritual in order to condense the souls of all living beings inside a crystal, and thus have the domain of all existence. Those who resisted are plagued by the shadows every night. Those who failed to win their internal battles are absorbed by the crystal. When we lose to our own fears and give in to darkness, we can be consumed by that negative energy and become someone else”. “The conception of resurrection is very much connected to the concept of eternity. Basically, everything in the cosmos seeks eternity, be it light or darkness. Everything that exists wants to be eternal, and Vishap demonstrates this by trying to be stronger and thus dominate all beings in this universe”, he adds. The other character, Ember, carries another meaning: “It represents rebirth, the ability to reinvent and evolve. However, for such a pure being to be able to rise from the ashes, it’s necessary a receptacle that has an essence and aura as pure as that of Ember herself. In order to be eternal in the world and to keep his legacy alive, his knowledge and wisdom are passed down through the generations”. This transmission, throughout the bloodline of the chosen one, in the end directs the search for the light so that it strengthens and manages to win this battle. The message is that “In the end there is always hope”, he concludes.

The album feature Great guests: Haydée Irizarry (Aversed, Carnivora), Bill Hudson (Northtale / Doro / Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and singer Jenn Sakura are present, as well as virtuoso Brazilian guitarist Luis Kalil, Raphael Dantas (Soulspell, Ego Absence), Joe Atlan (Pentakill), Fabiano Rodrigues and Ryan Beevers (Unflesh). The cover of Resurrection was developed by renowned artist Junki Sakuraba. The composition and production were done by Caio Kehyayan, while mixing and mastering were in charge of Jack Kosto, a sound technician who is also the Seven Spiers guitarrist, alongside Peter and Chris.

Tales of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning of Life (Single 2021)

01. The Meaning of Life (Extended)
feat: Haydée Irizarry

The first single released by FireWing in March was “Tales of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning of Life”, a track that also have a lyric video. The virtuoso guitarist Caio explain the song, which mixes melodic and aggressive moments: “It’s the music that represents the most the different technical approaches of the band. It contains simple melodies, but also complex rhythms and exotic harmonies. Airton explores different dynamics in his voice, still more with the participation of Haydée Irizarry, who brought a complementary texture”. On the lyrical concept of the song, the musician adds: “It’s the climax of a great battle between the two main characters in the album’s history. The lyrics are actually a dialogue between them, and in the chorus the narrator tells another perspective of the story”, concludes.

Far In Time (Single 2021)

01. Far In Time
feat: Ryan Beevers

The second single released by FireWing came out on April 6 on the main digital platforms. The track “Far in Time”, which also received a lyric video, has an abstract lyric theme that relates to reality. “The song talks about a world in darkness. People went into an internal battle, as the dragon Vishap is trying to absorb the flame of their lives, to become even more powerful”, explains Caio. The narrative tells that the abandonment of this battle leads to death, and that even with fear, there is still hope. The fantastic concept, however, is related to reality, as it can refer to “people who get lost inside their own head, because of depression. It’s about this internal battle of wanting to kill yourself and having suicidal thoughts, of not feeling enough”, he adds. The final message is to overcome difficulties and move on: “If you cannot win the life’s battles you will not be able to go far to eternalize yourself, to leave a legacy, a story. How far can you go?”, challenges the guitarist, leaving the closure due to the listener’s interpretation.

Time Machine (Single 2021)

01. Time Machine
feat: Jenn Sakura

The third and most recent single from FireWing is “Time Machine”, an expressive song that works with different nuances and colors in its sound, where you can almost touch it. The composition gives the listener a sense of immersion, taking him directly to the core of the whole plot. “The lyrics are about the awakening of Ember’s ancestral powers in his receptacle, which, moved by the anguish of losing his beloved to the dark ritual of Vishap, tries to build a portal to the past in order to reverse this situation. He ends up being tried again and must show that his soul is worthy of merging with Ember. However, even if he manage to find their beloved on the spiritual plane, the two realize that there will be no chance of reversing this, and so they need to move on, their bond of eternal love is all that is left. In the end, he needed to be brave and see that his calling was much greater”, explain the singer Airton Araujo.