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The band FireWing, based in the USA, has Brazilian and North American musicians trained at the renowned Berklee College of Music, one of the most important music institutions in the world. The group’s proposal is to bring new airs to symphonic metal, by combining the technique of heavy metal with melodic orchestrations. The first album, Resurrection, comes out on April 23 through the renowned label Massacre Records.

The concept album is a presentation of the plot and the fantasy universe of FireWing, based on the duality of the eternal conflict between light and darkness. This concept is brought to work in the representation of two mythological beings:

· Ember: the phoenix of hope, which seeks to restore peace and bring hope to tormented souls
· Vishap: the wyvern of darkness, which wants to absorb all existence in order to reformulate it in its own way.

Both face off in a world filled with chaos and despair, where the inhabitants fight a constant battle against their own shadows. The existence itself is compromised and this will be decided in a great battle, where light and shadow will collide in a way never seen before. The plot involves the listener combining a lyrical concept and a new musical proposal for the symphonic prog-power scene.

The disc has 14 tracks and special guest appearances by important musicians such as Bill Hudson, Luis Kalil, Haydée Irizarry and Jenn Sakura. The first singles released were “Tales of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning of Life ”and“ Far in Time ”. The most recent, which also received an elaborate video clip, is “Time Machine”.

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The lyrics of each of Resurrection’s fourteen tracks, put together, tell a complex story. Guitarist Caio Kehyayan explains how the issue of light / dark duality is discussed in the work: “This occurs from the moment that Vishap performs a dark ritual in order to condense the souls of all living beings inside a crystal, and so on. to have the domain of all existence. Those who resisted are plagued by the shadows every night. Those who failed to win their internal battles are absorbed by the crystal. When we lose to our own fears and give in to the darkness, we can be consumed by that negative energy and become someone else ”.

“The idea of ​​resurrection is very much connected to the concept of eternity. Basically, everything in the cosmos seeks eternity, be it light or darkness. Everything that exists wants to be eternal, and Vishap demonstrates this by trying to be stronger and thus dominate all beings in this universe”, he adds.

The other character, Ember, carries with it another meaning: “It represents rebirth, the ability to reinvent and evolve. However, for such a pure being to be able to rise from the ashes, it is necessary to have a receptacle that has an essence and aura as pure as Ember’s own. In order to remain eternal in the world and keep his legacy alive, his knowledge and wisdom are passed down through the generations”. This transmission, throughout the bloodline of the chosen one, in the end directs the search for light so that it strengthens itself and manages to win this battle. The message is that “In the end there is always hope”, he concludes.

Single “Time Machine”

The third and most recent single from FireWing is “Time Machine”, an expressive song that works with several nuances and colors in its sound, where the feeling is almost palpable. The composition gives the listener a feeling of immersion, taking him directly to the core of the entire plot.

“The lyrics are about the awakening of Ember’s ancestral powers in his receptacle, which, moved by the anguish of losing his beloved to the dark ritual of Vishap, tries to build a kind of portal to the past in order to reverse this situation. He ends up being tried again and must show that his soul is worthy of bonding with Ember. However, even if they manage to find their beloved on the spiritual plane, the two realize that there will be no chance of reversing that, and so they need to move on, their bond of eternal love is all that is left. In the end, he needed to be brave and see that his calling was much higher”, says vocalist Airton Araujo.

First singles

The first single released by FireWing, in March, was “Tales of Ember & amp; Vishap: The Meaning of Life ”, a track that also won a lyric video.

The virtuoso guitarist Caio commented on the song, which mixes melodic and aggressive moments: “It is the music that most represents the different technical approaches of the band.

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