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FireWing is a Musical Universe conceptualized in mythological and cultural stories of the Armenian people. Caio Kehyayan, guitarist and founder of this universe, joins forces with outstanding musicians around the world.

After his time at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in Music Production & Engineering, and playing at major European festivals with the legendary Technical Death Metal band, Vital Remains, Caio returned home inspired to tell the journey of his ancestors in an epic and immersive story. In the prestigious “Resurrection”, Firewing’s debut album and one of the best worldwide Heavy Metal works of 2021, he shows all his creative capacity and unique language, being recognized by the readers of the acclaimed Latin American magazine Roadie Crew, as one of the best Brazilian guitarists.

Each FireWing interpreter – on their respective instruments – brings their unique essence to compose the musicality of this incredible Musical Universe of the Symphonic Progressive Metal genre.

Vocalist Jota Fortinho, also frontman of the band Age of Capella and the prestigious Slovak band Signum Regis, joined forces with Caio Kehyayan, uniquely interpreting each character of the songs that make up the FireWing universe. His extension, vibratos and diverse vocal articulations, improved over more than 25 years of music, join the virtuosity of the guitars and the most diverse layers that provoke an immersion to the feelings involved in these beautiful compositions.

FireWing also has the special participation in its compositions and arrangements of the American drummer Chris Dovas – studio drummer & international tour performer that has filled in for the legendary Metal band Testament in 2022; and also, the American bassist Peter de Reyna – Owner of the company De Reyna Artist Management and Studio & Live Bassist – are both official members of Seven Spires, American melodic metal band whose albums were produced by the renowned producer Sascha Paeth.

Caio, Chris and Peter studied their musical degrees together at Berklee College of Music, thus giving solidity to the first registers of this musical universe. The result of this journey is a high level experience and connection between music, literature and image, which resulted in their first album Resurrection.

A new journey begins in the FireWing Musical Universe

In 2023, Caio Kehyayan announced the new vocalist Jota Fortinho with the re-release of the song “Time Machine” on all digital platforms, with a Playthrough Video on the YouTube channel of the German label Massacre Records. Jota is known for his work with the European band Signum Regis and also with his band Capella.

The group’s proposal is to unite the storytelling concept in its cinematic Universe with its musical compositions. FireWing unites sounds, rhythms, historical and mythological facts from different cultures to contextualize the plot and create a musical experience that will bring a new color to progressive symphonic metal.

Caio comments: “Composing for FireWing songs is a journey in a constant search of becoming eternal on earth and leaving a legacy of the Armenian people’s history in this plan.”

“Time Machine” – A New Journey Begins

The re-release of the acclaimed song Time Machine, features illustrious voice arrangements, performed by Jota Fortinho, FireWing’s newest vocalist.

Time Machine brings new sounds, which makes the listener have an incredible experience and an immersion in the concept of the song, through its lyrics. The feeling of losing a beloved one, reported in the song, is visceral.

“Singing a song that was originally sung by another singer is always a challenge. Because at the same time that you have to find the balance to respect the original theme, you have to find your space and put a little bit of yourself into it. This song, like so many others by FireWing, has a very strong emotional charge, so my challenge here was to create something that would emphasize the most diverse feelings and dynamics of this incredible composition.” – Says Jota

The lyrics deal with the awakening of Vahagn, receptacle of Ember’s ancestral powers, who, moved by the anguish of losing the love of his life in a dark ritual performed by Vishap, seeks to transmute his soul through meditation to access the portal of the past, aiming to rediscover and rebuild your former reality. For this, Vahagn needs to prove that his soul is worthy of binding himself to Ember for such an act. However, even though they manage to find their beloved in the spiritual plane, the two realize that there will be no chance of reversing reality, and so they need to follow a greater purpose, and their bond of eternal love is all that remains. In the end, Vahagn needs to be brave like his father Tigranes and continue his destiny as an eternal warrior.

“Time Machine is a watershed composition in my career as a songwriter and record producer! The production of this song opened up a new range of possibilities on how to explore the Conceptual Universe that is FireWing. The near future will bring even greater immersion. In the next chapters, the adventures of our protagonist Vahagn will be immortalized in the upcoming musical productions!” – Says Caio Kehyayan

Production by Caio Kehyayan
Mix & Master by Jack Kosto
Artwork by Junki Sakuraba
Video Production by Jota Fortinho
Lyrics by Caio Kehyayan
Concept and World-building by Caio Kehyayan