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Time Machine Single 2021

The band FireWing proposes to bring new air to symphonic metal, by combining heavy metal technique with melodic orchestrations.

The first album, Resurrection, comes out on April 23 through the renowned label Massacre Records. The latest single from the work is “Time Machine”, released on April 19 with a special music video and also on the main digital streaming platforms.


The structure and layers of the track are detailed by vocalist Airton Araujo: ‘Time Machine’ is a very expressive song, it works very well with different nuances and colors in its sound. Feelings overflow here, being possible to practically touch them in some passages of the song, bringing an excellent feeling of immersion and throwing you in the middle of the whole plot ”, he explains. As for the lyrics, the musician adds: “It deals with the awakening of Ember’s ancestral powers in his receptacle, which, moved by the anguish of losing his beloved to the dark ritual of Vishap, tries to build a kind of portal to the past in order to reverse this situation. He realizes that it is not possible to bring her back, but they will still be connected forever. In the end, he needed to be brave and see that his calling was much greater”.

Caio Kehyayan, creator of the concept, explains the peculiar conception of audiovisual work, which mixes performances with scenes from the band playing: “Due to the pandemic, it was recorded in three different locations: New Hampshire (USA), Los Angeles (USA) and São Paulo (Brazil). The director who united the elements was Rodrigo Rossi. He had the mastery of directing the other two videographers so that the plot flowed naturally. Vocalist Airton Araujo played the main character of the plot, who was trying to save the love of his life, played by Jenn Sakura, in Los Angeles ”, he explains. Rodrigo Rossi’s participation went beyond the production part of the clip. The director played the elder in the rite of passage, where he shares the power of Ember with his son, played by Airton.

The Resurrection album is conceptual, and presents the plot and the fantasy universe of FireWing, based on the duality of the eternal conflict between light and darkness.

Technical list – Filming
São Paulo – Rodrigo Rossi and Poldo Longo
New Hampshire – Jonas Meyer and Doga Somer
Los Angeles – Julio Mendoza


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