SHAMANGRA celebrates the trajectory of Shaman and Angra in January on Audio
Postado em 01/09/2023

ShamangraThe formation of SHAMANGRA will feature Luis Mariutti, Aquiles Priester, Hugo Mariutti, Thiago Bianchi, Fabio Ribeiro, in addition to guests and opening bands

The Mariutti Team, team of the iconic Brazilian bassist, Luis Mariutti, joins forces with Audio, renowned venue in São Paulo, to give a new dimension to the already classic Festa da Firma Mariutti Team through SHAMANGRA, a show that brings together members of different phases and formations of Shaman and Angra, celebrating the trajectory of the two bands that are part of Luis Mariutti’s successful career. The event takes place on January 14, 2024.

The term SHAMANGRA emerged from a joke among fans, who had long dreamed of the possibility of a joint tour by the two bands, and which became a reality through the Mariutti Team, which sought to unite new talents and great names that also made history in both bands, and present an unusual set list, with great hits from both bands intertwining and retelling the story from a new perspective.

Bassist Luis Mariutti, drummer Aquiles Priester, guitarist Hugo Mariutti, vocalist Thiago Bianchi and keyboardist Fabio Ribeiro will be part of the historical formation of this presentation. They are joined by the very talented musicians of the new generation, Hanna Paulino (Vocals) and Helena Nagagata (Guitar).

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In addition to this grandiose show, the event will feature the launch show of Luis Mariutti’s first solo album, “Unholy”, where the musician presents a work of his own compositions, instrumental and sung, which aim to highlight the instrument that made him recognized as one of the best bass players in the world.

The Mariutti Team also selected great promises of National Metal to open the event, the bands FireWing, Vocifer and AuroControl

FireWing is armed with the talented Caio Kehyayan and Jota Fortinho, and they present their universe with a lot of technique: “We at FireWing are very excited for this great event for the Mariutti Team. We are going to bring a great show, and enjoy the event together with all the great performances of the day. We look forward to seeing you all there!” – Caio Kehyayan.

Vocifer is a band from Tocantins, which opened a universe of legends and myths from the northern region of Brazil. They will present the whole concept of “Jurupary”, their second studio album: “We are very happy and honored to be part of this great celebration of National Metal, which is certainly one of the biggest events of the year. big party!” – Joao Noleto.

The debutants of AuroControl come directly from the land of axé to show that Metal lives in the veins of Salvadorans, and present their first studio work: “Thanks, Mariutti Team! It will be great to play alongside these talented musicians, from so many different parts of the world. from the country! AuroControl is finalizing the debut album and we are ready for the show in SP” – Lucas de Ouro.

Finally, for the second consecutive year, the Mariutti Team will promote the Best of the Year award for its Zine. Voting will take place on the website starting on December 10, 2023, at the launch of the 32nd edition of the Zine.

Check out the full service below:
Firma Mariutti Team Zine party with SHAMANGRA and concert for the release of Luis Mariutti’s first solo album
Opening bands: FireWing, Vocifer and AuroControl
Date: January 14, 2024, Sunday, from 4 pm
Location: Audio – Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 694 – Água Branca, São Paulo-SP
Tickets: br/event/27640/shamangra-tickets
Organization: Mariutti Team and Audio

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