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Check out our new single LAST GASP on the MASSACRE RECORDS YouTube channel and listen to it on your favorite streaming service!

“Last Gasp”, the band’s new song, received a cinematic lyric video that you can check out below:


“Last Gasp” is the second single featuring the band’s new vocalist, Jota Fortinho

Still rocked by the excellent repercussion it had with the announcement of its new vocalist and the new version for “Time Machine”, FireWing released an unpublished song already with the new lineup and made it available on all digital platforms with distribution by the German label, Massacre Records . The news came accompanied by the announcement of the tour that the band will do in Brazil with the Finnish band Sonata Arctica.

This song is a complete immersion in the first great war between the Eons and Vishap, with a sound unlike anything FireWing has ever set out to do.

The FireWing concept is based on the History and Mythology of Armenia and Greece, within a universe in which all other mythologies and distinct cultures are also included. In 1915, the Armenian people experienced a great genocide known as the “Armenian Massacre”, which left more than 1.5 million dead.

The being who personifies the determination of the Armenian people after this massacre is Vahagn – King of the great Armenia of the Orontida Dynasty (5th century AD). Vahagn is one of the sons of Tigranes Orontida and succeeded his father in the fight against dragons (Vishap), being known as Vishapakagn – “the Dragon Slayer”. Vahagn rid Armenia of monsters and was deified because of his valor, and FireWing extols these values throughout their song development.

This song is a complete immersion in the first great war between Eons and Vishap. With a sound unlike anything FireWing ever set out to do, Last Gasp is about the spiritual and mental journey of its protagonists “Vahagn” and his father “Tigranes”, the Elder.

Caio Kehyayan comments on the release: “My intention with this song is to send a strong message to the entire Armenian Diaspora. Since the genocide thousands of Armenians have fled to different corners of the world, and today there are more Armenians outside of Armenia than in the country itself, which is located in the Caucasus region”.

The band’s new vocalist, Jota Fortinho, added: “When Caio sent me the song, the first thing that came to mind was a ride on a roller coaster, one of those giant ones, lol. I could say many things about this topic, because, in addition to being very technical, it is quite profound. I can sum it up this way: Last Gasp is an extreme rollercoaster ride. I’m really proud of what we did on this song.”

Firewing 2 2048x1089

“Last Gasp” has production, lyrics and orchestrations by Caio Kehyayan, co-production by Fabiano Rodrigues, with mixing and mastering by Jack Kosto, arts by Junki Sakuraba and video production by Gabby Vessoni. The concept of world creation is by Caio Kehyayan.

Guitars: Caio Kehyayan
Vocals: Joao Fortinho
Bass: Peter Albert de Reyna
Drums: Chris Dovas
Orchestrated by Caio Kehyayan
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Kosto
Produced by Caio Kehyayan
Co-production by Fabiano Rodrigues
Artwork by Junki Sakuraba
Lyric Video by Gabby Vessoni
Concept and world building by Caio Kehyayan

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